Natural Foot Health 101


Natural Foot Health 101


The Natural Foot Health 101 course is presented by Dr. Ray McClanahan and Dr. Sam Oltman. This 1-day intensive will provide a unique opportunity to understand the benefits of natural foot care and how to implement them in everyday life.

What you’ll learn:

  • Basic foot anatomy

  • Evolution of footwear and sizing practices

  • Fundamental Five characteristics of natural footwear

  • Hands-on techniques for treating common foot conditions

  • Foot strengthening and correcting exercises


  • When: April 6th, 2019

  • Where: 2701 NW Vaughn St. Portland, OR 97210 (Montgomery Park building)

  • Time: 9am – 5pm (with a 1-hour lunch break); Registration opens at 8:30am

  • Price: $250 (includes a free pair of Correct Toes)

  • Requirements: None (open to the public)


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